Thursday, September 27, 2012

White Bear Giveaway

Hey there readers. I'm doing a FABULOUS giveaway on this wonderful blog! If you want to win a pair of earrings from White Bear, enter HERE:

2 JUST B YOU - White Bear Giveaway

Wah wah, I hurt my wrist. Trying to type with a big ol' brace on is realllly difficult haha! Not sure what happened, been an on and off pain for a few months so I went to get a cortizone shot today and some meds. Should be ok tomorrow.

I also won a $50 gift card to TJ Maxx/Marshalls from Electric Blogarella, one of the best blogs ever created. I won because I have recently started a new diet/exercise plan! I've been working out with Shaun T's Rockin Body. Let me tell you, as a girl who never went to the gym and only did dance as her work outs, this is a BLAST. I have put on 30-40 pounds since moving to Miami a few years ago, and the idea of going to an actual GYM was foreign and scary to me. Everyone always warned me, "your body changes as you get older." No one ever wants to believe that, but its true. I don't have an 18 y/o body anymore, now I actually have to work at it to look decent.

No fun.

I'll keep you all updated as to how its going!!!!

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